belgium new architecture

GREENBIZZ is honoured to be once again present in this year’s BELGIUM NEW ARCHITECTURE, the sixth in a series edited by Prisme Editions examining significant achievements in architecture on belgian soil in recent years.

As an introduction, writer Pierre Loze meets Christian Kieckens for an informal conversation about current architecture and its future. Steven Beckers presents his research « The Paradigm Shift Towards Urban Food Production », and finally Victor Lévy considers the digital revolution ahead of us. The 62 recently completed projects by both national and international architects offer a complete overview of present-day production, from magical weekend hideaways (gafpa) to sweeping look-at-me antics (libeskind).

Prisme’s editor, Liliane Knops, visited GREENBIZZ with architectsassoc partners m.lacour and s.leribaux. The event was filmed by the RTBF and can be visionned on Auvio.