Canal Wharf

2014 - 2022

Construction of 71 flats on the Canal de Willebroeck in Brussels (work in progress)

22 Quai de Willebroeck 1000 Brussels
Canal Wharf sa pour AG Real Estate Development & Vooruitzicht
Stéphane Beel Architect, 51n4e
Structural engineering
Services engineer
6.523 sqm above ground level, 4268 sqm below ground level
8.480.000 (parking exc) € htva

Complete description

CANAL WHARF is part of a 270-flat ensemble designed in partnership with architects Stéphane Beel and 51n4e, characterized by four sturdy volumes defining a large central garden. This federating shared space offers extensive greenery, rest and play space, and bicycle amenities destined to all occupants. Its typology is intentionally miles away from those common in the vicinity _ most develop an industrial groundfloor covering up the vast majority of their plot _ the reduced footprint here aiming at a more permeable rapport with perimeters and not least with the canal. Open corners between built forms serve the same end and see-thru porches passing underneath the proposition shown here instill an even stronger bond between the public realm of side-walks, plazas and canal banks street-side and the semi-public one the leafy courtyard defines garden-side.

The 71-flat proposal shown here presents on its south side a long front overlooking a new pedestrian passageway carved into existing early 20th century city fabric, and meant to connect the Maximilien Park east and the canal west. Abundance of sunshine and relative absence of vehicle traffic here validate the delicate metallic mesh animating most of the façade, made up of balconies, sunshading and other overhangs that together form a continuous ribbon of qualified out-door space for each flat.