Developed by client Besix Red, CANAL DISTRICT has reached completion. Fa├žades in light-coloured plissé aluminium are finished, with glazed street-entrances animating the ground floor and extending all the way back to court-side. Here dark-toned balconies cantilevered 3m out are all in place, carefully arranged to ensure maximum privacy for all occupants. A double-height porch precisely positioned on the rue Notre-Dame du Soleil's fold now bears its bright fuchsia ceiling, clearly marking the passageway between urban bustle and secured inner-block calm. Landscaping just completed will provide much needed greenery, defining shared play space and private areas. Looking up, a gently sloped skyline punctuated by a hop-scotch of rooftop terraces echoes the great variety of existing surroundings, characterised by a tight-knit kaleidoscope of built forms. The 98 flat project also includes a day-care centre and other communal amenities, aiming to bring added value to the neighbourhood.