Construction of phase 2 has started on CANAL WHARF, including the south-facing ensemble designed by architectesassoc+. The planned volume is aligned on an east-west pedestrian passageway punched straight thru the densely built waterfront terrain, visually connecting the innards of Brussels’ Pentagon with the canal panorama and the city’s outskirts yonder.  Demolitions done the vistas from one bank to another are already inviting, announcing the pleasure to come wandering down this tree-lined shortcut towards the cafés, shops and various activities already implemented or soon to come along the canal, and on both sides.

Phase 2 of CANAL WHARF also includes the west-facing residential unit designed by Stephan Beel Architects. Once finished, the four sides of the planned city block will be completed, finally instilling the serene inner-block ambiance imagined: a peaceful central garden serving as federating space, rest-and-play space, in short meet-your-neighbor space destined to the occupants of all buildings overlooking it. With its generous greenery, the shared but secure courtyard typology proposed will be key in making occupants feel at home and at ease here amidst the surrounding urban bustle, convivially but unambiguously articulating public, semi-private and private space.  

Work on site will finish mid-2023.