Principal volumes on CITY DOCKS are now visible, façades and interiors on their way. Street-side façades follow a repetitive grid (shown here) conforming to the modular semi-industrial function below, but canal-side variation purposely reigns with a hop-scotch of carved-in terraces, balconies, single and double height units and rooftop living space all already visible. The photo above highlights the project's most difficult challenge: how to create a meaningful relationship with the outside world when there's no one around ... so far. Indeed, though client Atenor plans to build 20 608sqm of homes, offices, school, retail, etc here within the coming years, the timetable is not yet known. Questions therefore do arise when driving by as to how future occupants will connect with their surroundings in the absence of nearby shops, schools, or other related amenities. architectesassoc's best bet is connection with the poetic canal-scape : that distinctive paysage is a scene well-loved by Brussels' inhabitants, so it's something first occupants here will easily relate to. Imposed density and proximity between functions ... here in the middle of nowhere ... have therefore inspired skewed façades and oblique views in order to preserve some form of intimacy for bedrooms court-side, though the poplars canal-side will probably draw more comfort.