Canal Wharf set to start

With tender documents ready, and permits due this summer … Canal Wharf for client AG Real Estate is set to start on site by the end of the year. Following a Masterplan adopted in 2014, the project tightly fits into a corner plot shown left in orange, poised on the southern edge of this canal-side city block adjacent to the studio’s soon completed RIVA project shown right in green.  Optimum sunshine reaches the insides of the 71 flats proposed, and lateral views of Brussels’ main waterway are offered to most. The principal facade stretches down a new pedestrian-first east-west alley created for the occasion, limited to local traffic, and purposely designed to instill a slowed-down ambiance felt as soon as one turns the corner from busy main-street to tranquil side-street, heading towards the canal. All flats also have access to a shared central garden, offering a protected haven of green resting and play-space.  Canal Wharf is due completed in 2022.