City Dox

CITY DOX is architectesassoc+ís first project alongside the western stretch of Brusselsícanal zone. The project is an exercise in mixity, offering not just housing (93 flats) but also ultra-modular workspace floating atop an uninterrupted semi-industrial ground floor. Accordingly, density and synergy are critical issues here, leading to attentively assembled volumes conglomerating to form a coherent city block, itself just one of the dozen or so constituting this large-scale soon-to-come neighborhood developed by Atenor.
Silhouettes are simple, sometimes askew in order to widen perspectives, preserve intimacy, and get more sunshine in. Accordingly, the full-width terraces offer shared views of this peaceful landscape along the bucolic poplar-lined canal way.

CITY DOX develops 20 608 m≤ above ground level and 3 512 m≤ below ground level.