Greenbizz: recycling, research, and urban density

GREENBIZZ’s ecosystem is slowly but very surely taking form, welcoming fresh arrivals and long-time friends alike. Newcomer FABLAB BRUSSELS for example has decided to join the party, moving into one of the project’s largest workshops shown above. Sign of our collaborative times : interior design for the lab (conducted by opla architects) will integrate a whole range of recycled fit-out material including partitions, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc recuperated from architectesassoc’s heavy office refurb HD54 on site april 2017. Amongst GREENBIZZ’s most loyal co-investors, the Belgian Building Research Institute (bbri) is on the other hand already settled in the upstairs incubator (fit-out by architectesassoc), conveniently sitting right above its double-height workshop. This design-stage option taken early on by the architects … that is to say positioning incubator and workshops not just on the same site but squarely atop each other thus creating obvious synergies and concomittently urban density … is one of GREENBIZZ’s most salient and innovative caracteristics.