With site follow-up done and full occupancy nearly reached, the JARDIN D’UNION housing project is winding up. The wide variety flat types has attracted a vibrant array of occupants, and the density implemented has helped communal space feel animated and safe both outside and in where the modestly-sized landings shared by a limited number of neighbours makes mingling all the more accessible. As a bonus privately owned flats mix with low-income rented flats, so the population present is a varied bunch: budding households attracted by family-sized flats leased at reasonable rates, proud first-time home-owners, elderly couples and young urban millennials blending with apparent ease. And soon the day-care center settling in will add its contribution to the liveliness intended. Positioned on a small-scaled plaza clearly set apart from the noisy boulevard, it benefits from inner-block calm although its entrance is unmistakably visible from the porch separating it with the urban bustle outside.  Once inside, children will be able to easily access a sunny enclosed playground carefully integrated in the landscaping which includes both private and common gardens. 

The attention paid to ground-floor use garden-side has been equaled street-side: generous passageways, entrances and overhangs offer transition and wait-for-your-neighbour space, and a soon-to-come pharmacy and convenience stores are currently organizing their arrival. Given the size of the project it will take a while to grasp what works and what doesn’t here, but so far evening bbq’s and daytime bicycles to and fro seem to suggest things are taking root.