Metrolab brussels

METROLAB is a transdisciplinary laboratory for applied and critical urban research, formed by universities UCL and ULB, and financed through european funding (ERDF). It involves collaborations between 4 existing research centers stemming from these two academic poles, scholars from 15 other european and american universities, and 5 key regional institutions.

architectesassoc was invited to talk about inclusion, and about what striving for it really meant designing GREENBIZZ. Indeed, implementing urban inclusion is not some complex theoretical issue. Its core self is made up of concrete choices made starting day 1 when the pencil is hovering over that blank page : A. move the pencil left = a bit more generous, or B. move the pencil right = a bit less so. Thus the ethical choices made on GREENBIZZ and the concrete forms resulting from these were pinpointed by s.leribaux at the evening conference, presented alongside three other inspiring projects in Brussels.