Passing the torch at architectesassoc+

In 2000, after having collaborated together for almost a decade, architects Sabine Leribaux and Marc Lacour founded architectesassoc. Through a creative collaboration fueled by salutary if not comfortable confrontations between the ideals they share and the hardboiled yet endlessly inspiring constraints that exposition to the realness outside oneself provides, they have unwaiveringly called for innovative and responsible service in the practice of their profession, defended enlightened generosity hand in hand with economic viability, and pushed for environmental consciousness for the benefit of all. With the meaningful support of a long list of excellent collaborators, the office developed a vast portfolio addressing a broad panoply of sites and programs.


In 2019, after twelve years of fruitful collaboration with the two founding partners, architects Mattias D'Hooghe, Sophie Vantieghem and Sébastien Zigrand joined the partnership to form architectesassoc+.


Today, at the dawn of 2024 and almost a quarter of a century after the office’s genesis, Sabine Leribaux and Marc Lacour have decided to brave the outside –braver l’extérieur– and change paths –bifurquer– eager for and open to the dangerous otherness of what lays beyond the familiar boundaries of architectesassoc+, and intent on refocusing on engaged service as they did when they first collaborated.


At this transitional moment, following more than 16 years of fruitful collaboration of which 5 years of joint management, founding partners Sabine Leribaux and Marc Lacour pass on the torch to the new managing partners, Mattias D’Hooghe, Sophie Vantieghem and Sébastien Zigrand. Their stewardship ensures an efficient and responsible transition that upholds the strong reputation the office has cultivated since its inception. Clients can rest assured that our commitment to delivering exceptional architectural solutions remains upheld.


Looking forward, architectesassoc+ pledges to invest its full energy in shaping the future we collectively share. In an era where collaboration is paramount, we emphasize the importance of unity in creating a lasting, engaging, and inclusive built environment. Our vision is steadfast, and our working culture is deeply ingrained with a commitment to excellence, responsibility, and sustainability. The torch is passed, but the flame of architectesassoc+’s legacy burns brighter than ever, lighting the way for a future that is both visionary and enduring.