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For architectesassoc, GREENBIZZ’s nomination this spring as MIPIM AWARDS FINALIST is a heart-warming and encouraging turn of events : a fantastic occasion for our office to advocate for what we call people-projects. But shouldn’t all projects be people-projects ? GREENBIZZ’s strategic location and role as sustainable incubator in the midst of a neighbourhood teeming with potential might seem particularly tailored for the job, but what we often call « run-of-the-mill Â» projects like housing or offices or retail or hotels … our everyday stuff … it seems to us that they offer the same dormant horsepower. Hence we believe that all actors developing that everyday stuff, whether private or public, and whether designer or commissioner, carry together the responsibility of tapping into that potential : getting it to bud, bloom, and blossom.

John Forrester, chairman of the MIPIM AWARDS jury this year, brought this aspect to light examining the more than 200 entries from 46 different countries :

“…with this year’s submission, we saw a real social aspect to the responsibility of how projects impact their communities … projects which were really regenerating the social as well as the economic area in which they were being developed. ”