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Greenbizz (finished end 2015) and Elia (finished end 2013) have at least one thing in common:  close-knit teams led by invested clients. On Greenbizz, citydev is represented by Stéphane Stevelinck (Project Developer), and Michel Nederlandt (Manager Methods and Support) served for Elia. Both are key actors making a difference from design stage on through site work, pragmatically getting the job done. It’s day-to-day work, but not short-term: both serve a bigger long-term picture focusing on positive impact on the lives of the people living or working in and around their buildings, today and tomorrow. This is responsible action. Greenbizz aims at creating up to 200 jobs, designed to become a dynamic motor stimulating Brussels’ local economy. The first article by D.Dekeyser explains this. Elia from the onset presented the well-being of its workers as a top priority, along with environmental issues it wished to tackle globally, intent on proposing concrete and reproducible responses to these. D.Hainaut presents this exemplary aspect in the second article.

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