greenbizz: last laps

It may not look like it quite yet, but Greenbizz will be finished by september 2015, explaining the increasing rush and excitement on site. Façade cladding is coming to an end, be it the Kerto panels in pressure-treated timber meticulously crafted by Roses’s Natural Homes, the top-floor Kalzip panels in natural aluminium, or the agora’s structural glazing installed by a fantastic team led by Cei-DeMeyer (Jonckheere, Ney&Partners, and Groven+). Interior finishes and technical installations are en route, including the Building Management System fine-tuned for the project. Best news are up on the roof : the photovoltaic canopy covering the whole of the top-floor incubator and patios is on its way, upgrading the project from passive to nzeb.

Neighbors and passer-bys are getting curious, which is just what we hoped for … the buzz audible from all the way over the pond.