"translating is about communicating ideas, not words!" by p. leribaux

Running your business is a challenging and exciting affair at the best of times, and isnít for the faint-hearted. So, making sure that these efforts donít go unaccounted for is essential. And at the heart of all this is communicating your businessí core values and raison díÍtre, not to mention highlighting the team-behind-the-scene that makes your product genuine and wholly worthwhile for your potential clients and partners. ďHow a companyís message is perceived on the web, through brochures, press releases and conferences depends on a combination of visual and language cues,Ē says Pascale Leribaux. ďIím amazed at how often the visuals are well thought out and pertinent, but then their texts donít correspond to the companyís true message! Which is why collaborating with my clients to achieve a result that impacts their public pertinently AND creatively are my essential guidelines.Ē Pascale, who specialises in French to English texts and has just finished translating the architectesassoc. website adds, ďWeíve all noticed that English has become the Ďgo toí language for business, but whatever the language I strive to bring to light those great ideas behind our hard work which propel us into the future. So yes, Iím passionate about words, but only when they transmit ideas!Ē

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