Work on site on HAVESKERCKE and BAMBOO streets has come to an end. Specifically, efficient teamwork with contractor Herpain Entreprises has led to meeting both budget and deadline: doubts and difficulties due to the complex nature of the site, notably hydro-geological aspects, were managed smoothly with the support of experts present. Indeed, starting at design stage neighbors and Authorities were with reason intent on examining all possible negative repercussion the project could provoke. One by one questions were answered and solutions found, resulting in dark dappled brick-clad forms laying low along the two tree-lined streets, zig-zagging through the vegetation barely modified and hugging close to original topology in order to reduce impact on underground water circuits and just as importantly define a shared central garden that maintains its original soft slopes and splendid greenery. Logically landscaping has been kept to the barely necessary in order to preserve fauna and flora. As such fitting in has been a conscious step-by-step point-by-point exercise from the onset _ consequently impacting forms, materials, construction techniques as well as colour palettes.