Haveskercke - Bambou

2013 - 2020

Construction of 58 apartments avenue de Haveskercke and rue du Bambou in Forest

Avenue de Haveskercke de 40-62 Rue du Bambou 18-38 1090 Brussels
Structural engineering
Bureau Van Ransbeeck
6100 m² ground level and 2 660 m² below ground level
11 380 000 € htva

Complete description

Proposed volumes on this steep wooded site are double in nature, but of similar morphology.

At the top of the slope, open and enclosed space discreetly echo both natural and built surroundings on the Rue du Bambou. Like its neighbors the building starts by sitting back a few steps from the existing street alignment, then winds down between the magnificent trees _ carefully reacting to the slope with its cornice levels and complex sections varying as it slaloms between terrain and treetops. While the Northern extremity starts broad, its width squarely facing the office ensemble it overlooks, South the volume slims down to embrace the narrow footprints of the neighboring family homes. At its midriff the project gains noticeably in depth, with oblique facades creating restrained intimate views over the splendid vegetation both front and back. The resulting folds, slants and angles offer breathing space, interstices _ breaking the built mass down to something more digest, implementing dynamic vistas over the quiet yet stunning greenery. The variety of resulting pitched roofs lay intentionally low, rooftop terrasses sunken in.

At the bottom of the slope in contrast, proposed volumes on the Avenue de Haveskercke strictly follow present built alignment, thereby acquiescing to the norms: the existing opaque party wall disappears behind simple forms, unpretentiously redefining traditional street space. However, the roof lines once again vary in order to reduce impact, taking their cue from their direct surroundings as well as from the animated language developed Rue du Bamboo.

For the ensemble, in-depth studies of underground water circuits, trees to be maintained, sunshine periods through-out the year and cast shadows have instigated fine-tuning of all volumes. Material choice receives similar attention, as does energy performance both detailing the heavily insulated facades and developing services. Adhering to the project’s deliberately discreet vocation, dappled brick and mottled tones are proposed throughout … one last shot at fitting in.