Upgrading this existing ensemble in order to conform to the strictest European Commission standards has been a long haul. Early on the project scope expanded, reaching a current total of 28 000 sqm. Furthermore the initial environment-minded decision NOT to demolish the present interconnecting volumes _ of all different sizes, shapes and ages dating from the early 1900’s all the way to the 1980’s _ has expectedly brought its unforeseen share of difficulties discovered and dealt with along the way.  Concomitantly the decision to integrate all applicable aspects of the Commission’s Manual of Standard Building Specifications has led to hyper-flexible yet precise thinking, with sound solutions diligently cultivated by Project Manager AXXIO highly invested since day one.

Although the resulting extended deadlines have insured relative calm onsite, all parties are eager to rapidly and efficiently wrap up the required tasks. Last phases are currently nearing completion, from the interior fit-out of the neo-classical building overlooking the square Orban west to the remodeling of the post-modern main entrance Rue d’Arlon east. Landscaping and techniques _ testing included _ are winding up. Provisional receptions are due to be confirmed beginning 2022.