Competition : 77 passive apartments rue Dormont in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe.

Terrain rue Jacques Dormont 1082 Brussels
Fonds du logement
Structural engineering
Services engineer
Daidalos Peutz - Détang engineering sprl
6 090 m² above ground level and 1 860 m² below ground level
10 450 000 € htva

Complete description

Any landscape (be it built or unbuilt, and whatever the function) must be the reflection of concrete actions undertaken in order to nurture positive outcomes. When considering housing for example, and even more so when it’s for low-income families as is DORMONT, this mindset is paramount.

Here boundaries are varied in nature, thus conditioning this mindset. The project therefore reflects the obvious need for a supple and fluid connection between the low-lying existing edifices on the rue Kasterlinden and the more imposing ones on the rue Dormont, along which a succession of light-colored volumes defines a playful rhythm. Rooftop profiles pick up, without mimicking, the small calibres of the myriad of built forms present in the neighborhood, thus discretely anchoring them within the semi-urban cityscape. The project totally envelops the block, offering south-facing private gardens and terraces for each of the large ground floor, family-sized apartments.

The will to prioritize natural daylight results in compact shallow volumes, including on the first two floors where the building depth is maintained at 13m instead of the authorized 15m. Eight small modules are clustered around a luminous stairway at street level (no lift). Preference is given to through flats, or to those with double orientation (corner flats), excluding studios. Each cluster aims at bringing together a reduced number of families thus encouraging convivial use of shared space through people's everyday interactions, as well as a sense of belonging. Commons bathed in sunlight become meeting places, play areas, or resting zones. This is introvert space, whereas other parts such as the wide window-seats overlooking the Rue Dormont are extrovert … no rules, just connection.

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