2006 - 2010

Construction of 32 apartments and ground floor retail rue Crespel in Ixelles.

Rue Capitaine Crespel, 26 - 40 1050 Brussels
Immobel Group et CFE IMMO sa
Structural engineering
B Group infra sa
Services engineer
Tec-Spé sprl
Project Manager
CFE et Louis de Waele
4 067 m² above ground level and 1 987 m² below ground level
6 350 000 € htva

Complete description

The site's particular geometry alone (at a bend, where the street widens, at the top of the slope) is enough to fuel the project's massing, both street-side and garden-side. This intrinsic quality entails changing perspectives at every footstep … so the project itself remains discrete playing simply with the rich dynamics already present.

The scaling of the building slips comfortably into the existing urban fabric, aligning its front and back façades with the street's curve, the volumes successively staggered rearwards (including the roofs). This profile makes the most of the site's orientation, ensuring maximum natural light into all gardens, including the neighbors'.

Larger-sized units are located on the lower, deeper levels, and smaller ones on the upper, narrower levels. The living rooms follow the curve of the sunny rue Crespel while the bedrooms overlook the trees in the back. Spatial organization inside initiates variations (in size and rhythm) of solid swaths of façade outside, punctuated by gaps or windows, thus defining the resulting rhythm. Horizontal elements above windows constitute the necessary fire guard, creating a checkerboard of shadows. The same technique is used to mark entrances on ground level, like a small awning.

Priority is given to investments and construction principles reducing energy consumption, such as compact volumes, air-tightness, thick thermal insulation, carefully dimensioned openings, and special glazing.