Job House


Competition : Job-center and Offices rue du Collège in Ixelles

Rue du Collège, 28-36 1050 Brussels
Commune d'Ixelles
Structural engineering
Services engineer
Jacques Delens
± 2 300 m²
2 990 000 € htva

Complete description

Built on a hemmed-in parcel, the Job House’s built and unbuilt volumes are a reflection of the varying needs for natural light. The voids created are all linked to one another, in varying manners, giving rise to entrances, connections, and qualified visual perspectives.

Forms espouse the site’s relief in order to better serve its immediate city context. Accordingly, successive pullbacks at top levels dovetail with the existing party walls as well as with existing neighbors. The project is articulated around a sequence of two open-aired patios linked at ground-1 level. This layout naturally impels the creation of a federating meeting place, plus of course welcomes a healthy dose of natural light flowing into the offices. A double-height covered walkway links public street access to the main patio, the latter then becoming the de facto hub space from which all activity spills out from.

The project achieves the necessary performance requisites through a number of basic options taken from the onset: optimization of natural light influx, transparent see-through spaces, modular flexibility of all built and unbuilt forms, simple construction choices and prefabrication, heavily insulated and air-tight envelope.