Competition : nzeb offices avenue Mermoz in Gosselies.

Avenue Jean Mermoz 0 Gosselies
ORES scrl
Services engineer
15 397 m²
20 016 000 € htva

Complete description

The building snuggles discreetly but comfortably into the existing natural slope, fanning out towards the meadowed landscape. Thus the site’s initial profile remains largely unmodified, ensuring preservation of the thriving animal and plant life present. The consolidation of the pond just below the building is a step in the same direction.

Built volumes structure their unbuilt surroundings while allowing long-forgotten and future traversing footpaths to flow throughout, calibered similar to adjoining constructions (ground level+2) … their lowered height and isolated context avoiding the risk of detrimental projected shadows. Function layout bears witness to the resolute will to bring together all workers within one federating shared space, one whose central location acts as a veritable backbone of communication. The office spaces are therefore distributed along seven sequential wings, organized along a string of patios defining a succession of dynamic perspectives. This « comb layout » easily provides for any future extension of ORES.

The more public-oriented spaces (modular meeting rooms, in-house training spaces, exhibit spaces, relaxation areas) are grouped around the first two patios over-looking the water. The stairs linking these two are strategically placed to further encourage informal exchanges, bathed in natural light. The invitation to stroll throughout here, not hurry on, is clearly felt. On upper levels, each unit is easily recognizable, marked by distinct distribution hubs integrating vertical passageways, restrooms, coffee corners, copy centers and offices.

Highly-insulated timber curtain-wall facades are 100% prefabricated. Window surfaces in extra-clear triple glazing, exterior solar protections and optimized hygrothermics and acoustics all translate to extra comfort for the users. Thanks to passive measures and the use of efficient production systems, the proposed renewable energy sources (photovoltaic panels) allow for compensation of all energy consumption, approaching positive energy performance.